Types of Cyber Crime and Information Technology Act

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People who work related to social media, computer, network ,internet. Important are for those who want to avoid the damage caused by cybercrime.

▪️Cyber crime
cyber crime

It consists of computers and networks.  Collecting any personal information and using it incorrectly is the removal of information from the computer. Stealing is a cyber crime.

▪️Types of Cybercrime

▪️ Spam e-mails

Such as emails that cause damage to computers and spoil all computers.
spam emails


Hacking of personal information of anyone, such as changing the password or changing the user’s name. 

▪️Cyber ​​fishing

Sending spam emails to someone so that they give their personal information and it is damaged.
cyber fishing

 ▪️Cyber ​​bullying

   Making fun, threatening, embarrassing, commenting on social networking is cyber bullying.
cyber bullyung

▪️Spreading rumors on social networking sites

Spreading social ideological religious and political rumors and sharing 19 This falls under the category of cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

▪️Software piracy

 Copying software and selling it for cheap is called software piracy.
software piracy

▪️ Fake bank calls

You can get fake email messages or phone calls in the name of the bank.  Through which information like your ATM number password can be asked, nothing is asked by the bank, do not tell anything when such call message comes.
fake bank calls

▪️Spreading Viruses

Cyber ​​criminals send some software to your computer in which viruses are hidden. These include viruses, worms, Tarzan horses, logic horses, etc.  ▪️Analysis

 Whenever a crime occurs, no matter how clever the criminal is, he leaves some evidence. Some spelling mistake will be found in the spam email coming on the computer, such mistake will never be found in the original email.
spreading viruses

▪️Following is the list of charges mentioned under the Information Technology Act:

  • Attempting to tamper with computer resources – Section 65
  • Attempting to hack and hack into data stored in computer – Section 66
  • Provision of penalty for sending restricted information through communication services – Section 66A
  • Provision of penalty for wrongly obtaining stolen information from computer or any other electronic gadget – Section 66B
  • Provision of penalty for stealing someone’s identity – Section 66C
  • Provision of punishment for accessing one’s personal data with the help of computer by hiding his identity – Section 66D
  • Provision of penalty for breach of privacy of anyone – Section 66E
  • Provision of penalty for cyber terrorism – Section 66F
  • Provisions relating to publication of objectionable information – Section 67
  • Provision of penalty for publishing or transmitting sex or pornographic information through electronic means – Section 67A
  • Publication or transmission of such objectionable material through electronic means in which children are shown in obscene state – Section 67B
  • Provision of penalty for obstructing or withholding of information by arbitrators – Section 67C
  • Provisions relating to unauthorized access to protected computers – Section 70
  • Misrepresenting data or figures – Section 71
  • Provisions relating to breach of mutual trust and privacy – Section 72A
  • Provision for making the information public in violation of the terms of the contract – Section 72A
  • Publication of fake digital signature – Section 73
  • Under Section 78 of the Information Technology Act, an Inspector-level police officer has the right to investigate these matters.

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