TallyPrime Shortcut Key 3 For Vouchers

Table of Contents

Action (Hidden Keys – Vouchers) Shortcut Key Equivalent in Tally.ERP 9
To retrieve Narration from the previous ledger Alt+R Alt+R
To open the calculator panel from Amount field Alt+C Alt+C
To delete a voucher/transaction Alt+D Alt+D
To cancel a voucher Alt+X Alt+X
To open a manufacturing journal from the Quantity field of a journal voucher Alt+V Alt+V
To remove item/ledger line in a voucher Ctrl+D Ctrl+D
To retrieve the Narration from the previous voucher, for the same voucher type. Ctrl+R Ctrl+R
Masters & Vouchers Masters & Vouchers Masters & Vouchers
To go to the next input field Tab Tab
To go to the previous input field Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
To remove the value typed Backspace Backspace
To create a master, on the fly Alt+C Alt+C
To open the calculator panel Alt+C Alt+C
To insert the base currency symbol in an input field. Alt+4
To open the previously saved master or voucher

To scroll up in reports

Page Up Page Up
To open the next master or voucher

To scroll down in reports

Page Down Page Down
To copy text from an input field Ctrl+C
To paste input copied from a text field. Ctrl+V

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