Tally VS SAP

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Other accounting famous softwares:

  1. SAP (Made by Germany),
  2. Quick books (It works online only)
  3. Busy
  4. Marg
  5. ZOHO
  6. Wings
  7. Profit Books
  8. Saral Accounts

There are following difference between Tally and SAP :

  1. SAP (System Application Product)

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


  1. Company
    1. Tally: Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based company.
    2. SAP: products by SAP, which is a Germany based company.


जिस कम्पनी की ब्रान्चेज पूरी दुनिया में है। या कई शहरों में है उनके लिए SAP बेहतर है।

  1. Products
    1. Tally:
      1. ERP 9
      2. Developer 9
  • Shoper 9
  1. Server 9


  1. SAP: Offers a range of products.
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Planning
  • Operation
  • Administration


SAP Modules :

  1. HR (Human Resource)
  2. HRM (Human Resource Management)
  3. Production Planning
  4. Material Management
  5. Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
  6. Sales & Distribution (S & D)
  7. Project System (PS)
  8. Financial Accounting & Controlling (FICO)


  1. ERP Advantages
    1. Tally:
      1. Concurrent Multilingual Capability
      2. Payroll
  • POS Invoicing
  1. Unlimited Companies
  2. Data Synchronization – Possible Data Merging
  3. Consolidation of Companies (Group of Cos.)


  1. SAP:
    1. Short response time
    2. Scalable performance (Work on Large Data)
  • Control functions keep a watch on errors


  1. Tally: Comparatively more Easy to learn and generally does not require any professional training.
  2. SAP: Comparatively less. Requires professional guidance and training.


  1. Best suitable for
    1. Tally: Small to medium scale businesses.
    2. SAP: Large scale businesses


  1. Audit timings

कौनसी entry किस user ने कितनी बजे की SAP में देख सकते हैं। टैली में ये Possible नहीं है।

8- SAP Cloud based software है, Online work करता है।

Tally off line work करता है।


9- SAP completely ERP System

Tally limited ERP


  1. SAP Data Highly Security on online
  2. SAP work on many operating systems, but Tally work on windows only


  1. SAP can be used on multi devices like Desktop/ Mobile/ Tablet etc. but tally work in PC only
  2. In SAP we can work from multiple Locations, but in tally it’s not possible.


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