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1. In Tally ERP 9, without activating ‘Calculate interest transaction-by-transaction’ in the ledger master, we cannot activate override parameters for each transaction.


2. The GSTR-1 includes B2B invoices.


3. In case of ‘Interstate’ supply of goods, E-way bill datails are mandatory if the sales invoice value is more than or equal to —–.


4. In Tally.ERP.9, from which of the following features, multipale stock items of single GST rate can be selected and moved to stock group?


5. Which of the following are the correct statements pertaining to management information system (MIS) reports in Tally.ERP.9?


6. Stock ageing analysis report in Tally.ERP.9 helps us to tale decisions based on procurement of stock, or whether to liquidate stocks based on their age.


7. In Tally ERP 9, we can generate e-way bill for single or multiple invoices together based on the business needs.


8. The cost of goods sold is the difference between the sum of ‘opening stock, net purchase, direct expenses’ and _______ .


9. If the UQC are not mapped in the Unit of measure, then the transaction recorded using these units of measure will not be relevant for —– return.


10. K.K. Pharma located in Hyderabad supplied goods to Maa Janki Hospital Hayderabad (Same state), in this scenario which of the following taxes are applicable?


11. It is possible to enter the Aadhaar number of employee in Tally.ERP.9.


12. ABC ltd. returned goods to XYZ ltd. As per this statement which of the following vouchers should be recorded in the books of XYZ ltd.


13. Tally.ERP.9, the type budget as ‘Closing balance’ option is used to compare the closing balance of the _________ with the budgets.


14. In Tally.ERP.9 Bill of material is ________ .


15. Pay sheet is matrix report in Tally.ERP.9 with details of pay heads pertaining to employees.


16. As per income Tax laws, a person can get children education monthly allowance for maximum up to 2 children with exemption amount of —– per child.


17. What is the journal entry to account bank charges paid in cash?


18. What is the standard rate to be paid by the manufacturer registered under composition in GST?


19. In Tally ERP 9, if any pending order has been pre-closed, cannot be utilized that order.


20. What has to be done “set components (Bill of materials)” option is not listed even after enabling “Enable component list details (Bill of materials) in the stock item Configuration” in Tally.ERP.9?


21. Goods receipt delivery challan can be recorded in _______ voucher in Tally.ERP.9.


22. Vega India Pvt.Ltd has a sales revenue of 1, 50,000, sales discount of 12,000, sales returns and allowances of 24,000, and cost of goods sold of 60,000. What would be the net sales revenue of Vega India Pvt. Ltd.?


23. To print the company logo on invoices, the user need to enable and upload logo in PNG format from accounting features in Tally ERP 9.


24. In Tally ERP 9, which of the following vouchers need not to be activated from Inventory Features?


25. Tally.ERP.9 provides an option to post stock value from inventory directly to balance by enabling which of the following options in accounting features?


26. In Tally.ERP.9 BOM is used for converting raw materials ?


27. The two default primary (Pre-defined) ledgers in Tally ERP 9 are —– & —–.


28. —– concept states that he expenses incurred to earn the revenue must belong to the same accounting period.


29. In Tally.ERP.9, the cheque books cannot be altered from the ‘cheque Register’.


30. ________ is the least number of characters that a password for a user, should contain.


31. In Tally ERP 9, It is possible to record single purchase entry for purchasing stock
for two different locations.


32. What is the type of tax applicable on Taxable sale to special Economic zone?


33. Select the correct match for the following.
1. Ratio Analysis
2. Negative Stock/ Ledgers
3. Statement showing Assets & liabilities
4. Statement showing Gross profit/ loss
A. Balance sheet
B. Profit & loss a/c
C. Exceptional Reports
D. Gateway of tally


34. Tally ERP 9 follows ‘ Single ledger concept of accounting’ i.e. all transactions are identified with the ledger accounts created in Tally.


35. We can save purchase or sales order voucher in Tally.ERP.9 without providing order number.


36. When recording exports in Tally EPR 9, it is not possible to record shipping details in the invoice for tracking.


37. If a person is registered under composition scheme and engaged in trading activity. What is the taxable percentage he needs to pay to the government?


38. Central Tax and union Territory Texes are applicable on supply of goods within other territory or within union Territories.


39. It is mandatory to record purchase voucher for generating credit note voucher in Tally ERP 9.


40. Different stock valuations can be seen from stock ageing analysis report in Tally.ERP.9.


41. On 10th april 2019, Sajjan & co. received 20,000 as an advance from Surya Traders with reference number 002.
Based on the above statement, in Tally ERP which of the following reference types should be used for the advance receipt transaction in the books of Sajjan & co.?


42. ABC Ltd located at Maharashtra (GST Registered) sold goods to XYZ Ltd located at Maharashtra (GST Registered), but the goods was delivered to Mr. Ajay Located at Karnataka on the instructions given by XYZ Ltd. This above transaction is deemed intrastate supply.


43. Which of the following are the common portal ledger accounts to be maintained and registered by the taxable person for deposits under Goods and Services Tax (GST)?


44. If Tally.ERP.9 is 32 bit application and MS is 64bit, then which of the following drivers needs to be installed to perform ODBC?


45. Batch wise details can be maintained for _________ In Tally.ERP.9.


46. In which of the following scenarios do we record rejection in Voucher in Tally?


47. Employer’s PF administrative charges, EDLI contribution and EDLI administrative charges are calculated based on —–.


48. The gold filled leather works located in Patna supplied goods to shree sager scales (other state), In this scenario which of the following taxes is applicable?


49. An employee can get rebate from income tax under sec 80D for this PF contribution.


50. In Tally.ERP.9 , if we select price list for a sales transaction, the price list will automate which field in the sales transaction?


51. GSTR- 3B can be filled exporting JSON file directly from Tally ERP 9 or can be filled using GSTR-3B excel offline utility tool.


52. ______ is very important for linking the sales invoice which is raised against delivery note in Tally.ERP.9.


53. For gift vouchers, the ledgers should be created under —– group.


54. Which is the internet protocol that is used in Tally.ERP.9 for the purpose of emailing?


55. In Tally ERP 9, if we remove Tally Vault password it will create a new company.


56. Which of the following security types is mandatory for E payments from Tally ERP 9?


57. After activating of price levels from inventory feature, price list will be available under —– menu in Tally ERP 9.


58. In Tally ERP, you need to allow —– under’ users and passwords’ option to access company data remotely.


59. In Tally.ERP.9, which of the following options has to be enabled in ‘Inventory Info’ to active ‘Re- order level’?


60. As on 6th feb.2019, ABC company pvt. ltd., received cash 5,000 from shwetha as full settlement against goods sold to shwetha worth 5,000 on 5th feb.2019. mention the bill reference in Tally.ERP.9 to record cash received transaction in the books of ABC company pvt. ltd.


61. Tax liability on advance receipts is not applicable if the turnover is less than


62. Manidhar Communication supplied HP Mono Printer with applicable GST rate 18% Next Gen Publishing LTD., Karnataka for 41,300. He charged installation services with applicable GST rate 28% at 6,400. What is the GST rate considered for calculation of tax in case of composite supply?


63. Select the correct match for the following:
1. Multi location stock opening balance can be entered in
2. Address of branch location can be entered during
3.Movement of stocks can be viewed in
4. Transfer of stock are recorded through
A. Godown creation.
B. Stock journal.
C. Godown summary
D. Stock item creation screen.


64. While creating the price list, discount percentage can be defined in Tally.ERP.9.


65. Which of the following ways of printing can be done in Tally?


66. A post-dated cheque is a cheque which the recipient can encash on a future date.


67. In Sales Order Processing, for receiving the demaged goods returned by the customer, Rejection in entry needs to be passed tracking —– voucher in Tally ERP 9.


68. Jobs & Recruitment’ is a built in flexible feature in Tally ERP 9 designed to recruit candidates using the recruitment procedure.


69. The only difference between a normal invoice and a proforma invoice is that the proforma invoice does not contain statutory information.


70. Wellborn Trading Co. sold Tendu leaves to Bhavin Trading Co. for 1.5 lakhs. —– is charged on the amount if the rate is 5% on Tendu leaves.


71. Sai industrise, sold alcoholic liquor to honest Enterprises for 2 lakh. What is the total bill amount charged by sai industries if the rate of Tax collected at Source (TCS) is 1% on alcoholic liquor?


72. Past Due Date’ and ‘Always’ are two —– options in Tally ERP 9.


73. In Tally.ERP.9 _________ is a pure inventory voucher.


74. Which inventory masters have restrictions realated to deletion in Tally ERP 9?


75. Goods return to party against receipt note can be recorded in —– voucher in Tally ERP 9.


76. Intangible assets has no physical exstence.


77. Which of the following are the correct statements for Drawings A/c?


78. Select the correct nearest match from the following:
1. Purchase entries
2. Sales entries
3. Ledger balances
4. Statement showing financial position of the business
A. Trial balance
B. Purchase register
C. Balance sheet
D. Sales register


79. Our stock with third party’ and ‘Third party stock with us’ options are available under —– in Tally ERP 9.


80. MMJ enterprises karnataka Imported 8 Nos of canon pixma printer for 5,000 each from ALI trading Inc, singapore. This import transaction is subject to GST under forward Charge mechanism.


81. In Tally ERP 9, Button Bar can be used to view additional information for the Balance sheet. It can be used to do the following items:
1. Make the summarized information datailed and condensed by pressing a button
2. Change the period of the balance sheet
3. View the effect of different ‘Stock Valuations’ on the balance sheet
4. Press the configure button and set the required parameters
All the above statements are correct.


82. Mr. Kumar received two services from two different suppliers as follows: On 1st april 2016, books commission expenses of 1,00,000 for mr. rajesh by furnishing his PAN number. On 10th april 2016, booked payment to contractors of 1,50,000 in the name of ganesh with the PAN number. The TDS rate both the natures of payments is 10%. What is the total number of challans required to be generated for TDS payment to goverment?


83. On 1st april 2019, Jayant traders purchased Goods worth 50,000 from ABC ltd with bill no. AB-001. As per the above statement, In Tally.ERP.9 which of the following should be the reference type for jayant Traders?


84. In Tally ERP 9, the Tax collected at source (TCS) reconciliation report displays, all the reconciled—–.


85. Rate of TDS, if PAN not available is —–.


86. Which of the following voucher are used in Scenario Management?


87. Stock Summary report in Tally.ERP.9 displays the status of stocks available across various godowns.


88. In tally.ERP.9 additional cost can either be approperiated by stock value or by stock ________ .


89. In Tally EPR 9, —– option helps to settle the selected bills or all bills from Ledger outstanding report.


90. Shreenath enterprise located in Raipur supplied goods to Shree Parikh Trading cochin (other state) in this scenario which of the following taxes is available?


91. Employee and Employer both will contribute for Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme.


92. In Tally.ERP.9, employee declaration such as employee’s investment, Employee’s income other than salary can be entered through ________ .


93. Daga Finmark India Ltd. received services worth 44,700 from CSM services, Karnataka. Additionally, GST 12% is charged on the invoice value. What is the GST amount charged by CSM services?


94. Select the appropriate matches for the following:
1. Cheque registers.
2. Deposit Slip.
3. Bank Reconciliation.
4. Cheque printing.
A. Cash Denomination.
B. Matching bank book and company book.
C. Payment to supplier through bank.
D. Cancel and Blank Cheque.


95. Select the correct match for the following:
1. Plant and Machinery
2. Outstanding Salary
3. Commission Paid
4. Rent Received
A. Profit & Loss A/c Debit side.
B. Balance Sheet Assets side.
C. Profit & Loss A/c Credit side.
D. Balance Sheet Liability side.


96. Only basic pay and dearness allowances will be eligible for ESI calculation.


97. Patel Express Couriers supplied goods intrastate worth 7,05,000 to Parshwanath Enterprise with labour charges of 7,700. If the GST rate is 5%. Whate is the total GST charged in invoice adding the additional expenses?


98. Cost centre allocaation can be automated using —–.


99. Which of the following statements are incorrect relating to MIS Reports in Tally ERP 9/


100. Select the correct match for the following:
1. Jai Traders sent goods through delivery challan.
2. Sudhir Traders rejected goods against delivery challan.
3. Ramesh Traders sent invoice.
4. Ratan electronics returned goods aginst invoice.
A. Debit note
B. Sales
C. Delivery note
D. Rejection out


101. How is contra voucher class created in Tally.ERP.9?


102. As per ‘Golden Rule of accounting’, the convention for Real account is debit ‘what comes in’ and credit ‘what goes out’.


103. Metro machinery Suppliers supplied HP Mono printer with applicable GST rate @12% to lschia industries, Karnataka for 13,700, He charged installation services with applicable GST @12% at 6,500. What is the GST rate considered for calculation of tax in case of composite supply?


104. Expiry date cannot be —– than the date of manufacture.


105. In Tally.ERP.9, Overtime is calculated on _________ attendance type.


106. If the credit limit for a debtor is set 1,00,000, that means we cannot receive cash more than 1,00,000 from the particular debtor in Tally.ERP.9.


107. Select th1e correct match for the following:
1. GSTR-1
2. GSTR-2
3. GSTR-2A
4. GSTR-3B
A. It contains details of all outward supplies.
B. It is a monthly return with the details of all the outward and inward supplies.
C. It contains details of all inward supplies,
D. It is an auto populated report generated by GSTN.


108. Select the correct match for the following:
1. Form- 5
2. Form- 2
3. Form- 31
4. Form – 19
A. Final employees provident fund settlement.
B. New employees registering for EPF & EPS.
C. Declaration and nomination form for EPF & EPS.
D. EPF withdrawal.


109. Mr. Rakesh purchases stock centrally at his head office in Delhi and supplies them to the branches on a monthaly basis to their respective godowns. During the physical verification, the stocks are not matching as per his books of accounts and physical stock. Which of the following reports will help him with the analysis/movement of stock?


110. Which of the following are the zero rated supplies as per GST law?


111. REG-09 is a registration application for __________ taxable person.


112. Which of the following are the default names of Godown and Stock category in Tally ERP 9?


113. Investmant under NPS Tier-l is eligible for getting tax benefit under section—–.


114. Ram kumar and sons appointed Raj and mohit as accountants, company wants to create two different users in Tally.ERP.9 namely Raj and mohit now what will be the first step to create different users. Consider that till now ram kumar and sons were not using any type of security in the company data.


115. Which of the following returns will be applicable for TDS payments of foreigner and NRI other than salary?


116. In Tally ERP 9, the user can create an class under —– voucher for Forex Gain/Loss Adjustment.


117. Earnings for Employees is the correct pay head type to selected for salary payable ledger in Tally ERP 9.


118. ABC Ltd located at Maharashtra (GST Registered) sold goods to XYZ Ltd located at Karnataka (GST Registred). But the goods was delivered to Mr. Ajay located at Maharashtra on the instructions given by XYZ Ltd. This transaction is deemed interstate supply.


119. Which of the following vouchers can be used to record suspense payments in Tally.ERP.9?


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