TALLY ERP9 Chapter 06 QUIZ

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TALLY Quiz 06

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1. Which of the following can see the audit list?


2. An account that users do not need to create?


3. Which of these options is the Integrated Accounts with Inventory available?


4. _____ refers to the amount invested by the owner in the business-


5. How many of the following are the reserve group accounts in the Tally?


6. Professionals usually keep their accounts in mind?


7. What does ETCS mean?


8. The earned income which is not received, is known by the name of __________?


9. Which of the following is useful for entering a voucher?


10. Salary comes under __________ group


11. Changes in accounts are possible through which of the following options?


12. Is it used to get a payroll report?


13. Which of the following is mandatory when entering an account with an inventory?


14. Which key is used to post entry to the Credit note in Tally?


15. A company can only be removed in.


16. How many types of users are present in the Tally?


17. Which of these is not a transaction?


18. The rate of trade discount varies with ____________ of the goods purchased?


19. _____ is an example for Fixed Assets?


20. Which of the following vouchers is used to keep records related to purchasing goods?


21. Tally company features-


22. What is the full name of ODBC?


23. The same nature laser collection is Called?


24. What is the full name of ERP?


25. After the Receipt Note, if the trader returns the goods to the creditor then the entry will be in which voucher.


26. Home screen of Tally is also known as __________ name?


27. Does BOM represent?


28. Which of the following options is used in the budget?


29. Employee’s salary details are shown?


30. To transfer from main cash to small cash, you need to pass ________


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