TALLY ERP9 Chapter 04 QUIZ

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TALLY Quiz 04

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1. By default, which mode is in Purchase and Sales voucher?


2. What is the Full Form of HSN?


3. Which menu is selected to create a new company in Tally?


4. We can change the company information At


5. Which sub menu is used for Voucher entry in Tally?


6. What is the under group of Paid Salary Account?


7. 20,000 rupees were withdrawn from the State Bank, which voucher will be used in this transaction?


8. What Step Will You Follow To See Purchase Register?


9. Which option is used to see Stock Items or Group Summary


10. What voucher is used to transfer funds from one bank to another?


11. Which option is used to divide the Company Data Menu into two Fianancial years?


12. Which of the following is not mandatory when entering accounts with inventory?


13. To make changes in the company created, which option is used in the Tally.


14. How many primary groups are there in the Tally?


15. From which option can the Purchase or Sales register be viewed


16. We Can modify an existing company At?


17. Which option is used to close the open company in the Tally?


18. When more than one company is open, which option is used to move from one company to another company.


19. Tally package is developed by whom?


20. Where do we record of Purchase Furniture on Credit?


21. Which unit has been made for stock items such as cereals, sugar, oil, ghee etc?


22. How many Secondary groups are there in the Tally?


23. Which option is used to open a company created in Tally?


24. Company Restore option available —-


25. Which option is used to see the list of primary and secondary groups in the Tally.


26. ?What is the Full Form of PAN?


27. Normally the financial year starts from .


28. Which option is used to copy the company data in pen drive or CD?


29. Which report is prepared every month in Tally?


30. Which option is used to change the group created in Ledger in Tally?


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