TALLY ERP9 Chapter 03 QUIZ

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TALLY Quiz 03

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1. What will be the Group of GST A/c


2. What is the Short key of Rejection Out?


3. What is the Short key of Rejection In?


4. _______ is the main source of revenue for any business.


5. Acquired properties for long-term use in business are called _________


6. A person who gives money to business is called ____________


7. Earned income Known As


8. No. Of Predefined ledgers


9. Closing stock falls under ______________?


10. E-mail option is used-


11. Which of the following is selected to activate the cost center and cost category feature?


12. On the left side of the Tally Screen?


13. Which of the following is the Credit Note used to do?


14. Which of the following is the Debit Note used to do?


15. What is visible below the screen of Tally?


16. What is the usefulness of Tally Vault Password?


17. What is Suspense Account’s Under Group?


18. How can we show Bill wise details in the account of Debtors and Creditors?


19. Manufacturing Journal is built on which base?


20. Which Options Should Be Active To Create Manufacturing Journal?


21. How many Measurement Unit can we create in the Tally?


22. We Can see the list of Memorandum Vouchers in?


23. By Which Option we Can Save The Co. with Password?


24. Use of Stock Journal Voucher Is?


25. What is the need to activate the Scenario option?


26. We Can see the list of Optional Vouchers From?


27. Which of the following vouchers can be single Entry mode ENTRY?


28. Which Voucher Type Will You Select For Salary, Rent & Interest?


29. Which Voucher Type Will You Select For Interest Received in Cash?


30. Where do we record cash sales in a Tally?


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