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Recently the government of Rajasthan has introduced new concept of Single-Sign-On Identity (SSO-ID). The SSO-Id is actually a unique and helpful concept. In order to receive the benefits of various online services, User has to make a SSO-ID. Today, Rajathan Govt jobs form will be filled through SSO-ID.

Single sign on (SSO) is a session and user to use one set of login credentials for example, a name and password to access multiple applications.

Create a SSO – ID

If we want to utilize the benefits provided by the government, we will have to login to SSO. for this, we need to register ourself at-


SSO ID Eligibility Criteria

For citizens to apply, they need to fullfill the set criteria by the govenment as follows :

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident/ citizen of the Rajasthan state
  • Business/ Industries (UDYOG) from Rajasthan State
  • If you’re a government employee in the state

SSO – ID Rajasthan for Citizens :

On the web page, the registration form for the citizens appears where they enter the required information.

Select the best tool/way to enter your details for the registration process.

  • Bhamashah ID
  • Udyog ID
  • Fackbook
  • Google
  • Twetter ID

SSO- ID Rajasthan for Udyog :

Again from the same website, the system will offer the digital identity registration form for users in the Udyog Section.

Enter your Udyog Aadhaar Number and business number in the sections provided to procedd with the registration

SSO-ID Rajathan for Government Employees:

The process applies to government employees only. The digital identity registration form will show.

Key in your SIPF number for the process to continue from here  the government employees will access the SIPF Portal from the SSO -ID page easily.

Features of SSO ID

The portal offers different  features and benefits to both government and Rajasthan citizens.

The main and the most important benefit of SSO-ID is that we can easily utilize all the benefits being provided by the E-Mitra Centre.


  1. Deposition of electricity/water bills.



  1. To make Bhamashah Card or to know the status of our card.




3 Helps in making Original Residence Certificate, Cast Certificate, College form, Mobile Bill deposit etc.

Government job applications and viewing for open government applications.

Applicants will also get privileges to apply for collegs and universities from the same portal

Applicants can apply for any type of Scholarship provided by the Rajasthan Government.

Rajasthan citizens : the government requires citizens to learn and use this portal for all services. It plays a significant role as they have to apply to file their applications and other official online services.

There are different services such as business registration, building approval by the state government, e-Bazar, attendance MIS, bank details, Arms license, and E-mitra reports. These are just a few to mention the government has delivered all service using this Single and exclusive portal.


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