Securing Financial Information

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This is mainly used in multiple environment configuration. But we can use security function for single user also. In Tally at the time of Co. creation > use  Tally password is not mandatory. But in other most of softwares it is must.

* Co. Creation >

  1. TallyVault Password :

In Co. List name, this co. will shown in *** pattern

(Forgetting your password will render your data inaccessible)

  1. Use Security Control : Yes

Name of Administrator :

Password :

  1. Use Tally Audit Features : Yes

(GOT > Display > Statements of Accounts > Tally Autdit)

  1. Disallow opening in Education Mode :


– After creating company without password, we can give The TallyVault Password by :

GOT > Alt + F3 > Change TallyVault

Note : 1. But it will make a new separate co.

  1. We can change TallyVault password from here.


Security Levels :

  1. Administrator (Full Access)
  2. Owner (Full Access Except > TallyVault password, Security Control, Split Co.)
  3. Data Entry

(We can make multiple Owner & Data Entry levels users)


Security Control Access for :

  1. Create
  2. Display
  3. Alter
  4. Print
  5. Preview (Like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Ratio Analysis etc.)


Security Control

  1. Users and passwords
  2. Type of Security
  3. Password Policy


  1. Users and passwords
  2. Security Level
  3. User name / Tally.NET ID
  4. Password
  5. User Status : Active / Inactive

F 12 >  1. Show user Status :

(At the time of Co. Opening this user will access this time or not)

When any operator is on holiday, Administrator can use this function for security reasons.

  1. Apply Password Policy : Yes/ No

“Set password policy”  function settings,  will work for this user or not.



  1. Type of Security

Data Entry

Use Basic Facilities of : Data Entry

Days allowed for Back Dated Voucher :

Cut – off date for Back Dated Voucher :

Set/ Alter rules for print before save : No

(Also applicable for Export/ E-mail/ Upload)

Note : Else Operator can Print Sales Invoice/ Receipt etc. without real entery

Allow company to connect : Yes/ No

Use Tally.NET Authentication : Yes/ No

Disallow following Facilities  / Allow following Facilities 



  1. Password Policy

Activate policy :

Password Strength :

Minimum Password Length :

Specify advanced parameter for password Length :

Minimum number of Alphabetic characters :

Minimum number of Numeric characters :

Minimum number of Special characters :

Password Expiry :

Password expires after  :

Notify users before password expires :

Notify Before :

Restrict the use of old Passwords :

No. of old Passwords to be restricted :

Other Options :

Change password on First Login :

Allow users to change password :


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