Scopes in Computer Field

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▪️ Importance

All those who are associated with computer fields are important for students, job seekers, teachers. Those who want to go to the computer field,  want to know about it, very good for girls who want  to earn money sitting by the computer. Who are interested from computer filed like  auto cad 3D Max, ravit, architecture , coraldraw  other good for them.


▪️ College degree not always required in computer job

Some fields of IT do not require diplomas and degrees for jobs.  For example, with computer network technician or computer networking and security. Along with collecting certificates from  CompITA®️ or Microsoft ®️ many employees can start a job after 1 or 2 years of training.


▪️ Networking and technology skills are needed in all industries

Computer networks systems are used in all major industries, including healthcare systems, universities, banking, energy, pharmaceuticals, and government. Name any industry, and you can bet they need good IT personnel.

▪️You can come to the rescue

Fixing technical things to save them from getting spoiled. Networking problem is an expert in fixing shooting problems, so you can get a rescue job easily.

Job Search

▪️ Hi tech jobs are jobs for future

Use regular certified syllabus and keep yourself updated so don’t let your skills get outdated.  You will get a great job in technology sector.

Hi tech jobs

▪️ Great working environment in computer job

Most computer networking support jobs take place in comfortable climate-controlled offices, where you work with fellow computer professionals and other colleagues. Dress codes are typically casual or business casual.

working environment

▪️Demand of computer jobs

Computer related career is in demand here. Between 2010 and 2020, the demand of software developers is 30%, which is much faster than other businesses.  It is expected to continue in the future as well.  This means that many jobs will be available to you and the company will provide you competition for your service.

Demand of computer jobs

▪️ Adaptability

Computer skills tend to build upwards, meaning that the skills you learn at one job are likely to benefit you later in your career, even if you are working in a completely different field.

▪️ Work anywhere

If you get a good computer, you can get a job anywhere. Be it any new job or any other branch of the company, you can start your own business from home. You do not need to be present anywhere.  You can work from anywhere.

Work anywhere

▪️ Creativity in computer job


This is a field in which creativity and individual initiative can pay off. You never know when you might discover a shortcut that will save your employer millions of dollars. The endless possibilities for innovation and creativity give you many opportunities for advancement and new pursuits.
Creativity in computer job

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