RSCIT_Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology. AT ANIL COMPUTERS UDAIPUR

Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Benefit of Computer System
1.3 Hardware & Software
1.4 Uses of Computers

2.1 Starting a Computer
2.2 Major computer of Computer System
2.3 Input Devices
2.4 Output Devices
2.5 Input / output Devices
2.6 Computer Memory
2.7 Checking Computer System Configuration in Windows 10

 3.1 Operating System
3.2 GUI -Desktop
3.3 Windows 10: Basic Applications/Utilities
3.4 Windows / File Explorer
3.5 Starting an Application
3.6 Copy/ Paste/Renamea File or Folder
3.7 Scan a File / Folder with antivirus

4.1 What is Internet?
4.2 How to Access Internet
4.3 Types of Internet Connections
4.4 Intranet
4.5 Opening a Website
4.6 How to Search the Web
4.7 How to Create Email
4.8 Useful Websites in Rajasthan

5.1 Online Banking
5.2 Online/ Digital Payment Methods & Platforms
5.3 Mobile Payments

6.1 E-Commerce
6.2 Social Networking Sites
6.3 E-Learning/ Online Education
6.4 Open Resource/ Cloud Based Storage
6.5 Job Search & Registration
6.6 Online Application Submission
6.7 Digital Signing

 7.1 E-Governance in Rajasthan
7.2 Major e Governance Initiatives in Rajasthan
7.2.1 e-Mitra
7.2.2 Bhamashah Scheme
7.2.3 Rajasthan Sampark
7.2.4 e-Public Distribution System-e -PDS
7.2.5 Geographical Information System-RajDhara
7.2.6 BhamashahSwathyaBimaYojana-BSBY
7.2.7 BhamashahRojagarSrijanYojana-BRSY

8.1 Single Sign On Facility-SSO
8.2 Availing Citizen Services
8.2.1 e-Mitra Services Through Portal
8.2.2 Bhamashah Scheme
8.2.3 Rajasthan Sampark
8.2.4 e-Public Distribution System- e-PDS

 9.1 Aadhar Services
9.2 Income Tax Department Services
9.3 Passport Seva Services
9.4 Ticket Booking Services
9.5 National Voter’s Services Portal
9.6 LPG Services and Subscription

 10.1 Handheld Devices Types
10.2 Types of Popular Mobile Operating System
10.3 Configuring Google Play on Smart Phones
10.4 Checking Mobile Specification And Configuring Essentials
10.5 Sharing Files between Mobile{Share It}
10.6 Using Google Map to find the path
10.7 Setting Panel
10.8 Useful Apps for Rajasthan Citizen
10.9 Popular Apps

11.1 Introduction to Word Processing & Microsoft Word
11.2 Working with Documents
11.3 Insert Menu, Table & Word Art
11.4 Introduction to Paragraphs, Alignment, Bullets and Numbering
11.5 Working with Graphics &Charts
11.6 Working with various Tabs and Options

12.1 Introduction to Excel
12.2 Concept of Sheet and Workbook
12.3 Basic Excel
12.4 Sort & Filter
12.5 Basic Formulas and Functions
12.6 Charts

 13.1 Introduction to MS PowerPoint
13.2 Creating Slides via Templates, Wizard, Blank Slide
13.3 Insert Menu / Tab
13.4 Changing Background of a Presentation
13.5 Building a Presentation
13.6 Slide Show
13.7 Various Tabs and Options

14.1 Types of Cyber Threats
14.2 How to identify Safe Websites/ Portals
14.3 Secure Seals
14.4 Secure Browsing Habits and Mailing Etiquettes
14.5 Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of IT

 15.1 Creating a User Login for Window
15.2 Setting up a Restore Point
15.3 Installing / Uninstalling a Program
15.4 Installation of a Network Printer
15.5 Configuring Microsoft Outlook with your E-Mail
15.6 Hide File /Folder, See Hidden Files
15.7 Locking a File / Folder with Password

16.1 CD/DVD Writing/Burning
16.2 Printing a File using your Computer
16.3 Saving a Data to /From Pen drive/USB
16.4 Screen Projection Using LCD Projector/ Screen
16.5 Transfer of Data between PC and Mobile
16.6 Image Editing Using Inbuilt Software
16.7 Saving MS Office Document in PDF Format

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RSCIT Course is a basic computer course. You can learn office automation system with the help of  Microsoft office skills. it has been recognized by Dept. of Information Technology and Communication (DoIT&C), Govt. of Rajasthan to propagate IT Literacy among the people of Rajasthan.


What is RSCIT Course?

RS-CIT is a high quality and low cost IT literacy program which offers a novel curriculum, excellent study material and learning management system in both local Hindi language and English. A state-of-the-art delivery mechanism leads to State University governed Examination and Certification.

It Covers in Depth Microsoft Office Training. you can excel your skills to enhance your office automation activities.

RSCIT Course Detail

RS-CIT is designed to empower citizens with fundamental understanding of information technology(I.T.) at affordable cost. Acquiring essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive at home and work and able to explore career opportunities globally.