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Revit Architecture Quiz

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1. In which view type youcan place a level?


2. Can we export Revit file in Cad format?


3. What is the Revit family file format?


4. Which of the following symbol of search option adds grammatical form variations to a keyword when added at the beginning or end of a word?


5. How many options are there in location line of wall?


6. Which is NOT an option for creating a floor sketch boundary line?


7. What is the Project Unit shortkey?


8. What is short command of Copy command?


9. Which is NOT a type of constraint?


10. What is full form of UI in Revit Architecture?


11. How many types of post use in railing?


12. We can create Roof: By Extrusion in


13. Wall Sweep can be placed in Floor plans also


14. Where we can find out Section in Ribbon Bar?


15. ………….is used to place column grid lines in the building design.


16. You Can Collapse the tree by selecting the _____________ in the Project browser.


17. While rendering in Revit 2014, you can use background image?


18. Which one is not Modify command?


19. What is the Grid shortkey?


20. Linear dimensions are placed between selected points


21. Which statement about callout is false?


22. which is not a valid option when sketching a ceiling?


23. Which type of roof is need a Reference plane to draw a sketch?


24. Grids can be created in———– !


25. which command is used to placea free-standingelement such as furniture?


26. How many types of families are there in Revit?


27. A sketch line that indicates where to split a view for a dependent view is called a


28. Which of the following tool is used to draw reference planes to use as a guideline in your design?


29. When dialog box is used to specify default line weights , line colors, line pattern and materials in All View?


30. Sun-path diagram is possible


31. Create Beam in 3d View by using 3d snapping tools ?


32. Which parameter of a plan view opens a dialog box to edit the depth of a view.


33. Changing the parameters for a wall instance means the change


34. Which statement about sheets is FALSE?


35. What is the Wall shortkey?


36. We can change Unit Length type to other type at any time without any error


37. Which is not used to create a custom title block?


38. Elements are classified in which classes?


39. Which is the type of properties of wall?


40. Where are we find the curtain wall?


41. Which statement about Legends is TRUE?


42. Callout is used for ?


43. Which Key on Keyboard rotates a component counter clockwise by 90 degree?


44. Dependent views allow you to:


45. ………….changes the orientation of an element.


46. By which process we can draw floor by face?


47. Which Three Tabs on the Schedule/Quantities dialog enable calculation and totals.


48. What is the Revit project file format?


49. Which model element types cannot be used to define the boundaries of a room?


50. What is the shortkey of Door?


51. Which of the following is the type of model element?


52. All Views, Plans and Elevations can be navigated in the:


53. Where can you toggle the visibility of entire types of families


54. How do you add holes to existing floor?


55. We typically sketch the shaft on a host element ________ view.


56. Which feature is used in a compound wall?


57. Where we can find out Callout in Ribbon Bar?


58. Segmented Elevation Views are views which are:


59. Which effects does rendering NOT Create?


60. Which tab contains the Window tool?


61. Which is not used to create a custom title block?


62. V Mullion can be placed at straight & angled panel both


63. Which statement about drafting view is false?


64. How do you copy elements between two projects in the same location?


65. View Cube can be found in the ___________ View


66. Which Two are 3D view types?


67. Define stair sketch method.


68. A Revit symbol that you can use to break a section line – break a schedule into multiple sections – or break a crop region into sections. In the following elevation view – the blue Z-shaped break controls allow you to break the crop region into section.


69. Can we customize short commands in Revit


70. When you tag elements by category, which statement is FALSE?


71. Membrane Layer in Wall Structure edit assembly dialog box cannot be a non- zero value?


72. Where can you locate Conceptual mass modelling?


73. Conceptual mass can be taken to AutoCAD via:


74. which statement about revision cloud is false?


75. On which date was revit released in the market?


76. Which statement about TEXT is FALSE?


77. if you convert an existing wall to a curtain wall, what happens to any doors or windows that are placed in the selected wall?


78. Levels can be created in———— !


79. Model line is visible in ——–?


80. We can set the default template path in revit.


81. Which statement is FALSE about stair sketch?


82. Which one is the type of Array in Revit?


83. While creating sketch in a particular ref plane/ref line, feature that boost productivity is?


84. How many types of railings are there?


85. what tool is used to place a view on a sheet at specific location?


86. New project inherit which conditions from the project template?


87. What is short command of property Palette?


88. Model Group:Use group when you plan to repeat layout many times in a_______________.?


89. The default color of the drawing area background is.


90. What the small triangle next to the roof boundary line indicate in the roof sketch?


91. Which wall parameter is not an Instance Parameter?


92. …………allows you to manage files using more advanced tools, such as Export and Publish.


93. Where can you find the Window option in ribbon palate?


94. How can we create Ceiling?


95. Which of the following tool is used to lock a modeling element in place?


96. Where is the option Door located in ribbon palate?


97. Projects unit can be find in which Tab?


98. Door can be placed through Door and Component tool both


99. What is the difference between a Warning and an Error?


100. ……… used to flip a selected element.


101. Which is not permanent dimension style?


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