Office Automation Important Quiz 2

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Office Automation  Important Quiz English 2

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1. Why two wires are twisted together in twisted pair wire cable?


2. ———-is a reference to web resources that specifies its location on a computer network and mechanism for retrieving it.


3. What is Skype?


4. ———is an input device used to input audio data into computer.


5. _________is an application program that is used to view/read PDF files.


6. Select the most appropriate option from the following.


7. Which of the following Ms -Excel 2010 tools works backward from an objective to computer an unknown value?


8. Which user account have full access to every setting on the computer in Windows 10?


9. Which of the following is harmful to your computer system?


10. Which memory is used to store most frequently accessed information from the RAM?


11. Which of the processes is related to search engine?


12. ________bar contains several options such as Page Number, Word Count, Proof Cheek etc, in MS-Word 2010?


13. Which one is not a type of SmartArt, in MS-PowerPoint 2010?


14. Motherboard is an example of:


15. What is the full form of VOIP?


16. If you want to save the document in different formats such as Word 97-2003, Word Template, PDF and many other format, then you can use.


17. ———is the area in Windows 10 that contains a background picture (wallpaper), icons and the taskbar.


18. What is the address of top left most cell is MS-Excel 2010?


19. Suppose we want to keep rows and columns visible while the rest of the worksheet scrolls based on current selection then we can choose______ in MS Excel 2010.


20. Mail Merge feature is available in.


21. MS-Access automatically creates the first field for each new table called as ID, what is the Use of ID?


22. Which pane display contain associated with the sender of a selected email message in MS Outlook 2010?


23. Suppose you want to repeat a text like company name and page number on each page then which feature is appropriate in MS Word 2010?


24. After selecting a cell, we write =10+26*3 and press enter key then what is the value inside that particular cell?


25. Which is often referred as a username of recipient in rscit@vmou.ac.in?


26. Statement 1: The primary function of network router is to route data packets data to other network.
Statement 2: Web browser is an example of Application Software.
Select the appropriate option from the follwoing.


27. ———–are animation like effects that occur when you move from one slide to another during slideshow.


28. In MS-Excel 2010, what is the keyboard shortcut key for creating a chart from the selected cells?


29. Which of the following is output device?


30. While online shopping, which would make your transaction safe or secure?


31. Network congestion occurs:


32. The printer output quality is measured in terms of:


33. Which tool is used to graphically represent the data in MS Excel 2010?


34. Select the correct statement from the following.


35. What is shortcut key to redo the last activity in M.S-Word 2010?


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