Office Automation Important Quiz 1

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Office Automation Important Quiz English 1

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1. Which of the following is NOT a Pointing Device?


2. Which of the following is NOT the advantage of Primary Key?


3. 1GB=………….


4. Statement 1: New Technology File System is the full form of NTFS.
Statement 2: Cell is an intersection of rows and columns is MS-Excel.
Choose the appropriate option from the following:


5. What is the use of 3-D Printer?


6. In MS-Word 2010, you can create small letters above the line of the text using………………


7. What is Data?


8. ———-is a special security system designed to protect an organization’s network against external threat.


9. Select the arrangement of the Network Type in ascending order based on size and span.


10. Which of the following are in the category of social networking websites?


11. In MS-Excel 2010, you can import the data from.


12. Which of the following chart contains only one chart data series and all the values should be positive for this type of chart in MS-Excel 2010?


13. ———–is a type of wired cable that consist of a center wire surrounded by insulation and then grounded shield of braided wire.


14. What is the correct example of URL?


15. Which data type is used to create a field that is based on a calculation of other field in the same table in MS-Access?


16. ————–key enables you to delete the character(s) to the right of the cursor?


17. Which of the following is NOT a valid example of an Operating System?


18. Choose the most appropriate option from the following:-


19. Suppose the contents of the worksheet is such that when you take the printout it will be in multiple pages and now you want to shrink the printout of the same worksheet into one page in MS-Excel 2010, then we use


20. ——————-inputs a URL of the desired resource and displays it in Web Browser.


21. Daisy wheel is a type of:


22. What is the use of Snap Assist in Windows 10?


23. What is the use of applying Header and Footer to a document?


24. —————-is used to divide the current window into two parts so that you can view different section of the same document at the same time.


25. While sending an email,——-describes the contents of the message.


26. Which of the following is closely related to locality of reference?


27. Which of the following configuration options are related to Devices setting menu in Setting App Window in Windows 10?


28. Suppose you download an excel file from internet and you open in MS-Excel 2010 it will first open in:


29. ————-is a service model, in which data are maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to uses over a network


30. Match the following: Choose the correct match from the following:

Statement 1: Title bar appears at the appears at the bottom of the program window and displays information about the database and provides access to certain program function.
Statement 2: Status bar appears at the top of the program window and displays the name of database file and file path.
Choose the appropriate option from the following.


31. Select the most appropriate option form the following:


32. The option in Control Panel by which we can manage the energy consumption of the device is:


33. How computers are used in doing homework for school children?


34. Which of the following is a valid example of e-wallet?


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