Microsoft Word Shortcut Key Level 4

Table of Contents Shortcut key  Microsoft Word 
1 Ctrl + Insert Key  Text Copy 
2 Shift + insert Key  Text Paste
3 Ctrl+ Spacebar  Remove Formatting of Manual Character 
4 Ctrl+Shift+F Font Change dialog box
5 Ctrl+F6 Switch on Another document window
6 Ctrl+Alt+V Paste Special
7 Alt+Ctrl+D Endnote
8 Shift+F5 Go Back Page
9 Ctrl+Shift+L Apply Bullet Style
10 Alt + Shift +D Date Field 
11 Ctrl+Shift+N Normal Style
12 Ctrl+Alt+I Print preview 
13 Ctrl+Alt+Y Repeat Find
14 Ctrl+Shift+k Small Caps
15 Ctrl+F3 Spike Cut to
16 Ctrl+Shift+F3 Spike Paste
17 Ctrl+Alt+S Style Box
18 Ctrl+Alt+C Type ©
19 Ctrl+Alt+R Type ®
20 Ctrl+Alt+T Type ™
21 Window Key, Ctrl+ESC To Open Start Button
22 Window+R Run dialog box
23 Window+L Lock the Computer
24 Window+M Minimize
25 Window+Shift+M Maximize

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