Microsoft Word Shortcut Key Level 2

Table of Contents Shortcut key  Microsoft Word 
1 Ctrl+F10 Maximize the Window
2 Shift+F10 Right Click
3 Alt+tab Swith between open window
4 Shift+delete Permanent delete
5 Alt+Spacebar Display the main windows (minimize,maximize,restore etc.)
6 Ctrl+Shift+ESC Open window task manager
7 Ctrl + Enter  Insert Page Break  Single Line Spacing 
8 Ctrl  1  Single Line Spacing 
9 Ctrl  2 Double Line Spacing 
10 Ctrl  3   1.5 Line Spacing 
11 Ctrl+ ] ,Ctrl +Shift+> Increase Font Size 
12 Ctrl + [ ,Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease Font Size
13 Alt + F4  Closes The active document window 
14 Back Space  Detet Left Character
15 Ctrl + Back Space  Delete Left Word 
16 Delete Key  Delete Right Character 
17 Ctrl + Delete Key  Delete Right Word 
18 Left Arrow key  Move one Character to the left 
19 Ctrl + Left Arrow key  Move one word to The left 
20 Home Key  Moves the cursor to the Beginning of the line 
21 Ctrl + Home Key  Move the Cursor to the beginning of the document 
22 Right Arrow Key  Move One Character to the right 
23 Ctrl + Right Arrow Key   Move One Word to the right 
24 End Key  Move the cursor to the end to the line 
25 Ctrl + End Key  Moves the cursor to the End of the document 

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