Microsoft Word Shortcut Key Level 1

Table of Contents Shortcut key  Microsoft Word 
1  Ctrl + R Right Alignment 
2 Alt + F4  Closes The active document window 
3 Ctrl + = Subscript (H2o)
4 Ctrl + A Selects all in the current document.
5 Ctrl + b Bold text 
6 Ctrl + C Copy
7 Ctrl + D  Displays the font dialogue box. 
8 Ctrl + E Centre  Alignment 
9 Ctrl + F Displays the find dialog box, to search the current document 
10 Ctrl + G  Displays the Go to dialog Box .To go  to a specific location in the current doucment 
11 Ctrl + H  Displays the Replace dialog Box 
12 Ctrl + I  Italic Text
13 Ctrl + J  Full Justification 
14 Ctrl + K  Create Hyperlink 
15 Ctrl + L Left Alignment 
16 Ctrl + N  Creates a New Document 
17 Ctrl + O Displays the open file dialog Box.
18 Ctrl + S  Displays the save Dialog Box
19 Ctrl + Shift += Superscript ( 10 th ) 
20 Ctrl + U  Underline Text 
21 Ctrl + V Paste
22 Ctrl + W,Ctrl+F4  Close 
23 Ctrl + X Cut 
24 Ctrl + Y  Redo the last Undone action 
25 Ctrl + Z  Undo the last action 
26 Ctrl+ P Displays The Print Dialog Box 
27 Ctrl+D Font 
28 Double Click  Paragraph Selection 
29 Page Down  Move one Screen down 
30 Page Up  Move one Screen Up  

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