M.S. Excel Quiz in English 2

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M.S Excel Quiz in English 2

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1. The intersection of row and column is called a?


2. Where are the status indicators located?


3. On an excel sheet the active cell is indicated by:


4. Shortcut to delete the selected column?


5. What do you press so that the cell accepts your typing as its contents?


6. Which of the following can’t be considered as worksheet criterion?


7. What displays the contents of the active cell in Excel?


8. Insert picture option is in which of the following toolbars?


9. Which dialogue box we can use to name a constant?


10. Merge cells option can be applied from?


11. Which function will you use to enter current time in a worksheet cell?


12. Which function in excel counts the numbers of characters in a cell?


13. Which of the following methods cannot be used to edit the content of cell?


14. Shortcut to enter current date?


15. When creating a vertical page break?


16. which among following is divide symbol in excel?


17. What is shortcut to enter current date in cell in excel?


18. Which function converts miles to kilometers?


19. Style sheet formats can be applied from?


20. We can cancel marquee by pressing ?


21. How many recent files you can display on File menu at maximum?


22. 3-D reference in a formula?


23. What is an Excel?


24. What is created when you use F11 shortcut key while creating a chart in MS Excel:


25. Which among following wildcard characters are recognized by excel?


26. Which among following is types of excel data types?


27. Which shortcut can be used to switch between open workbooks?


28. Which of the following can you print?


29. The name box appears at the?


30. When the formula bar is activated, you can see


31. The accounting style shows negative numbers in?


32. Shortcut to edit the selected cell?


33. What term refers to a specific set of values saved with the workbook?


34. Which one of the following is the easiest method to select a column?


35. You will use which feature in excel, if you want to work with one record at a time?


36. One cell format can be copied to another cell by using?


37. What is the advantage of using a spread sheet?


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