Input – Output Devices

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Input Devices:  It is something you connect to a computer that sends information into the computer some input devices are: –

Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Joy stick, Touch Screen, Light Pen, Track Ball, BCR (Bar Code Reader), OMR (Optical Mark Reader), OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Micro Phone, Web Camera, Mice etc.

Out of these devices Mouse, Joystick, Track Ball etc. are also known as Pointing Devices.

Pointing Devices: an arrow is always shown on the screen of a computer which helps to open any program. When we move the device, the arrow moves up & down. It is known as pointing Device. Some of the example are Mouse, Joy stick, Track Ball, Touch Screen, Light Pen etc.

Output Devices: It is something that you connect to a computer that has information sent to it. We are output devices to see our work and also to get result when we input any data into the computer, then to obtain that input data, the devices that we use are known as output Devices.

Example : Monitor, Printer, Plotter, Head Phone, Touch Scree etc.


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