How to prepare for Interview

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▪️ Importance

People who want to give interviews   who have no knowledge about the interview, they want to prepare the interview. It is also very important for students and job seekers. 

▪️Right choice of clothes

Wear formal clothes if you go for an interview.  You can wear white certs, light colored plane certs and black and blue color pants or three piece suits and use black shoes and good side bangs.  Make sure to use light perfume and hand clock too.

Right choice of clothes

▪️Carry documents properly

Keep your certificates in a file that looks good on the front and submit the documents correctly so that there is no problem in finding.  Submit the certificates and mark sheet in the same order.

Carry documents properly
▪️Take care of time

If you can reach the place of interview in time, then you will reach the place of interview half an hour before that, you will be able to ease yourself quickly and nervousness will also end.

care of time

▪️Interview Preparation

 Some questions related to your interest and studies should be prepared along with some general questions for the interview.  Answers to the questions that the interviewer usually asks can be done well in advance so that you will be able to give accurate answers.

Interview Preparation

▪️Be positive

Before going for the interview, keep yourself positive , try to be confident in your mind that there is no dilemma before entering the interview room.

Be positive

▪️Job Information

Get information related to the job in advance, in which company you are going to interview on which post.  Also know the group policy and performance of the company.  Also find out about the company’s website and USP.


▪️Please think before giving reference

Those who take the name as a reference should have direct contact with them.  Do not share this information of contacts with people and keep in mind what achievements and abilities you are going to interview.


▪️Be ready to work anywhere.

Keep flexibility in yourself. If you are not limited to certain areas, then you may be asked to go away from home even during the interview.  In such a situation, you should accept the job offer, later you can make all efforts to get back in your place.  You are more likely to get a job in your home while doing a job.
work anywhere

▪️Things to keep in mind in interviews


When called inside, gate will open. Open the gate comfortably. Use the same language that you can read speaking well.  Ask the interviewer for permission to come inside. Wish the officer Morning, Evening, Noon. Shake hands with the officer. Standing in your place, only when you asked to sit. Sometimes the chair is inserted inside the table, then carefully take out the chair without voice, do not look here and there while sitting upright on the chair. The eyes should be in front of the interviewer’s eyes. Put a smile on the time face of the interview.  Put the chair in its place. Open and close the door comfortably while leaving. Let the mental tension go away completely.


There is no time panic during the interview.  Do not budge after the interview ends. Do not tell about how many jobs you need. Do not mix personal problems into work.  Never answer “no comment”, say no comments as long as possible. Do not criticize the old company or the boss.  Give the entire interview in peace, do not panic when you leave.  Do not let it be exposed when you are nervous.  Do not ask yourself about salary.  Do not refuse if you interview ask any kind of question.


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