How to delete Gmail Account

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If we want to delete our Gmail account there may be some reasons of doing so like : –

  1. We may have many other accounts and they may not be useful.
  2. If we have many accounts and it is not possible to maintain every account etc.

Like this, there may be different reasons due to which we want to delete our gmail account.

For this , we want to open our Gmail id.


After ID is opened, click setting.


Again setting.



Click Account and Import



Next click, other Google Account Settings.


Click Data and Personalization


Then click, Delete a Service or your Account



If you want to take a backup of your data that is in your gmail  account then, go to download and click export your data.

And, if you do not want to download your data  then click on delete your account. It will ask your password, so just enter it and click on next.

there it will ask you 2 option,



apply on both the options.

Finally, Google will ask you to delete the account permanently and reminds that you will entirely responsible for finally, at last click on delete account and delete your gmail account.

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