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Google Sketchup Pro

SketchUp Make is a very capable and powerful tool for drawing in 3D. … SketchUpPro is bundled with LayOut, an application for creating 2D presentations of yourSketchUp drawings. SketchUp Pro allows you to import and export from/to 2D and 3D CAD applications.

  • Create 2-dimensional (2D) geometry in a 3-dimensional (3D) environment

    • Create surfaces from lines
    • Create surfaces from circles
    • Generate surfaces from polygons
    • Generate surfaces from arcs

    Demonstrate stickiness of geometry using Sketchup

    Create 3-dimensional geometry

    • View a model in 3D
    • Create surfaces from lines in 3D

    Demonstrate stickiness of geometry in 3D

    • Create geometry with the Push/Pull Tool
    • Move entities to manipulate geometry
    • Maintain coplanar geometry

    Connect and generate forms

    • Lock inferences
    • Generate forms quickly
    • Restore/Heal a surface

Interior and Exterior Designing Course

Interior and Exterior Designing  Course is an advanced training program which will teach students to create a planned and amicable environment in which the engineering, site, work, and visual parts of the interior are incorporated.

  • They will also learn about synchronization of colour, texture, lighting, scale, and proportion.
  • They will develop visualising and manipulating skills for a space before sketching a mock of it and accomplishing it in reality as per the client or company requirements.
  • They will convert handmade sketching and drawings to computer created images with the help of modern software like AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, Revit Architecture, 3Ds Max, VRay etc.
  • Development of Project Portfolio

Career Scope & Job Prospects In Interior and Exterior Designing

  • Interior Designer
  • CAD Expert
  • Revit Specialist
  • 3Ds Max Professional
  • Premiere Expert
  • Video Editor
  • Design Consultant
  • Exhibition Professional
  • Furniture Expert
  • Housing Interior Designer
  • Design Instructor
  • 3D Modeler Professional
  • 3D Interior Decorator Expert
  • VRay Lighting Expert etc.