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Whenever we want to type any word in computer, then we need Input Device Keyboard.

There we many keys in Keyboard & there uses are different. On Keyboard, the top most keys are called function keys that are from F1 to F12. All have different uses.

  1. F1: In function keys it is the first key when we press F1 key a help centre opens. If we want information about any program, we can take.
  2. F2: If we want to rename our file or folder, we will press F2 key.
  3. F3: With this key, we can search any file or folder.
  4. F4: The function key is used as a repeated Data, which means to repeat the typed data.
  5. F5: By using F5 key we can refresh our data.

In MS Powerpoint, we use F5 key to run a slide show.

In word, we can open Goto Dialog Box by pressing F5 Key.

  1. F6: By F6 Key, we can make our menu bar active. when we open our website and want our cursor to go directly URL, we press F6 key.

7 F7: In MS word, if we want to check any spelling & grammar, we need to press F7 key.

  1. F8: In MS word, we can select our data by pressing F8.
  2. F9: By F9 key we can decrease the Brightness of our laptop.
  3. F10: Our menu bar is made active, when we press F10 key.
  4. F11: F11 key is used to make browser on fill screen & come out of it.
  5. F12: In MS word, to make Save As (Duplicate Copy) of a file, F12 key is pressed.

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