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Disk Defragment is one such type of option which helps us to mention our Storage Device Hard Drive & also to increase the speed of our computer. Whenever we make use of any new hard Drive, Our files and folders are saved here properly/ systematically it sets randomly But after some time when we delete any file or folder it gets deleted from different-different place and there remains a empty space between the drive. Then, in Hard Drive at places there may be data & at some places there may not be when we want to write any new data & it does not fit in that space than half data is adjusted according to the space & other half in other space. In this way, if we want to read our file, Operating System searches parts of the file at different places & due to which the speed of our computer becomes slow & also it decreases the file of hard drive. for eg- In a library, there are many books if we take our a book, them after while keeping we arrange it according to its size.

‘Definition of Disk Defragment’ –

It takes all the pieces of each file & stores them in one place. It also makes sure programs are each in one place & that unused space on the hard disk is All together

Disk Defragmenter consolidates the defragment to one location on the disk drive as a result, windows accesses files faster & new files are less likely to be fragmented.

It is a system tool. It helps us to defragment the disk which simply means that it keeps all the scattered files on one location systematically. Due to this, the speed of our computer increases this tool should be used in a computer in 15 days at least.

To use Disk Defragment :

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tool > Disk Defragment

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Select the drive that you want to Defragment and then click of Defragment option.

Before Defragmentation the drive is analysed & them it is defragment.


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