Digital Rajasthan Eng RSCIT Level1

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1. What is the full form of BPL reference of E-PDS system?

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2. Through which medium can citizens register their complaint and reach the government?

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3. What is the full form of G2C in G2C e-Governance?

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4. What is the full form of SSO?

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5. What is the full form of e-PDS?

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6. What kind of patients can get the benefit of BSBY (Bhamashah Health Insurance Scheme)?

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7. Which of the following options is not an example of an e-Governance initiative of Rajasthan?

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8. What is the interest rate offered under BRSY loan amount for registering the unemployed?

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9. With reference to RajMegh, what does "SaaS" mean?

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10. Which department of the state government operates the e-PDS portal?

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11. What types of ration can be obtained mainly through e-PDS.

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12. What facilities can citizens avail through SSO?

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13. Which technology is used in Bhamashah Card?

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14. Which feature is not available in e-PDS portal (

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15. How many digits are included in the Aadhaar card number?

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16. What is another form of FPS in the context of e-PDS system?

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17. Which of the following is an example of B2C type of e-Governance?

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18. What are the main benefits of SSO facility?

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19. What type of service is Raj Dhara?

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20. Through which option registration can be done for Bhamashah Card?

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21. Which of the following are / are the benefits of e-Governance based services?

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22. What is the full form of DBT in the context of Bhamashah scheme?

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23. E-PDS can be used by which class of citizens.

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24. What is the full form of MSP in the context of e-PDS?

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25. What is the sum insured under BSBY under General Illness?

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26. (Bhamashah Rojgar Srijan Yojana) What is the repayment period under BRSY?

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27. Which one of the following is not a type of e-Government?

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28. What kind of bank participates in BRSY Bhamashah employment generation scheme?

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29. Which of these facilities are not available in SSO Login?

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30. An example of G2C e-Governance is.

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