Data Management & Financial Year End Process

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Data Management & Financial Year End Process

Tally ERP9 Version Co. serial no. digits -5

Previous version – 4 Digits

More previous versions – 3 Digits

When we migrate Tally 7.2 Version data into  ERP 9 than this co. serial no. starts from 0 other wise it starts from 1 Like 100001

* Backup

TallyVault password co. & Normal co. के डाटा को बैकअप एक साथ नहीं लिया जा सकता है।

XML (Extended Markup Language)


* Exporting Masters from One Company to Another

 GOT > Display > LIst of Accounts

यदि डाटा को दूसरी कम्पनी में import करना है तो Export यहीं करना होगा।

GOT > Import Data > Select Masters


* GOT > Display > Daybook > Alt + F2 > Enter the period

Alt  + E

GOT > Import Data > Select Vouchers


* GOT > Display > Day Book

Alt + F12 Range


* Open 2 Companies

Particular Voucher open > F3 > Select Other Co. > ^A

(Particular Voucher को दूसरी कम्पनी में लेना।)


* Mailing

Reports mailing, SD / SC Outstanding Mailing

Note : 1. Use Google chrome

  1. gmail address : security : a) 2 step security option : no.
  2. b) Less secure app access : on
  3. c) mail send on : gmail/ hotmail/ yahoo mail
  4. use your email address at the time of co. creation
  5. use party email address at the time of ledger creation

(Note : किन-किन पार्टी का email address नहीं डाला है देखने के लिए

GOT > Display > Exception  Report > Email ID’s > F5 : All Items


* सभी देनदारों या लेनदारों की outstanding एक साथ देखने के लिए

GOT >  Multi Account Printing > Outstanding Statements > Ledger > Group of Accounts > Select Sundry Debtor Group > Alt + M (Mail) > Select All Ledgers to E-mail Address Field


* GOT > F11 > F3

Corporate Identify No. (CIN)

– GOT > Balance Sheet > Alt + P >

1 . Alt + T (Titling)

Print with Company CIN : Yes

आजकल ये CIN No. देना जरूरी है।


  1. ^ G (Page Nos.)

Page numbering starts from : 1

Range of page to print :

  1. a) all
  2. b) 1-5, 10 to 15
  3. c) odd
  4. d) even


  1. Alt + R

Pre printed / Plain Paper


  1. Alt + F > Print format> Print Mode :
  2. a) Dot Matrix Format (Dot matrix printer Printing)
  3. b) Neat Mode : (For Ledger Print)
  4. c) Quick/ Draft : (For proof printing)


  1. Alt + C > Copies
  2. Alt + S > Select Printer


* Print Co. Logo

ऐसी रिपोर्ट्स जो कस्टमर के पास जाऐंगी, लगभग उन सभी रिपोरस पर कम्पनी Logo प्रिन्ट कराया जा सकता है।

लेकिन यदि किसी रिपोर्ट में कम्पनी Logo print नहीं कराना चाहते हैं तो नहीं कराना चाहते हैं तो Alt + P > F12 > Print Co. Logo : No


*GOT > Alt + F3 > Split Company Data

  1. Verify Company data
  2. Select Co.

Note: 1. Before splitting the data the user must take Backup before processing.

  1. Sales/ Purchase order processing features : Outstanding sales/ purchase orders will not be carried forward on splitting. The user has to re-enter the outstanding order after splitting the company. Similarly, data pertaining to a cost centre is not carried forward.

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