Corel Draw QUIZ 04

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Corel draw 04

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1. What is the shortcut key to open “View Manager” Window?


2. What tool allows you to get a closer look at an object?


3. What is the shortcut key to Open ‘Scale & Mirror” Window?


4. Which tool is NOT a basic drawing tool in a 2D image program?


5. How do you know an object is closed?


6. _______tool removes overlapping segments in the objects.


7. How can you tell if a curve is NOT closed?


8. What is the shortcut key to open “Contour” Window?


9. What type of text would you use to create a title?


10. What is the shortcut key of Convert to Curve?


11. Is it posible to convert CorelDRAW file to PDF?


12. What is NOT a color model used on 2D and 3D images?


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