Corel Draw QUIZ 04

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Corel draw 04

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1. What is the shortcut key to open “View Manager” Window?


2. What is the shortcut key to Open ‘Scale & Mirror” Window?


3. _______tool removes overlapping segments in the objects.


4. What type of text would you use to create a title?


5. What is NOT a color model used on 2D and 3D images?


6. What is the shortcut key to open “Contour” Window?


7. What is the shortcut key of Convert to Curve?


8. What tool allows you to get a closer look at an object?


9. Which tool is NOT a basic drawing tool in a 2D image program?


10. How do you know an object is closed?


11. Is it posible to convert CorelDRAW file to PDF?


12. How can you tell if a curve is NOT closed?


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