Corel Draw QUIZ 03

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Corel draw 03

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1. What is the full form of RGB?


2. How can you import multiple consecutive files in one go?


3. In Corel Draw the keyboard shortcut to save your drawing is?


4. Dynamic guides are temporary guidelines that let you position and align objects precisely?


5. The default size for the design of complimentary card is _________ ?


6. Which technique is used for specifying the spacing increments for snapping text to the path?


7. “N” Brings up the Navigator window allowing you to navigate to any object in the document?


8. What is the shortcut key to Open ‘Rotate’ Window?


9. What is the shortcut key to Import Picture?


10. What is the shortcut key to Export File?


11. What is the shortcut key to Open ‘Size’ Window?


12. If a person wanted to fill an image of a curtain with a plain texture, what tool should be used?


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