Corel Draw QUIZ 02

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Corel draw 02

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1. In a bookwork of ten pages, one of the sheets will contain the following numbering. ?


2. When an A2 paper is divided equally from the centre, which size will you obtain?


3. Green and white has two colour separations ?


4. The ruler bar is used for _____________ ?


5. A graphic work with Red, Yellow, Black and White has __________ colour separation. ?


6. What is the shortcut key to Open ‘Position’ Window?


7. CorelDraw is a ____________ based drawing Application Package ?


8. What is the full form of CMYK ?


9. What is the shortcut key to Open ‘Lens’ Window?


10. What is the Minimum Font Size in Corel Draw?


11. _____________ is used for selecting and deselecting objects. ?


12. ___________ tool is used for cropping ?


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