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The people are not aware about the certain rights . Since we tend to area unit galvanized to shop for totally different product through advertizement however several of them aren’t sensible merchandise and therefore the Quality isn’t sensible. So, during this article you’ll notice the importance of client awareness, rights of customers that a client will take .

 Within the age of market economy and globalisation, the most objective of every producer is to maximise the profit. In every and each potential means the producer are attempting to extend the commerce of their merchandise. Therefore, in fulfillment of their aim they forget the interests of client s and begin exploiting them for instance – overcharging, underneath consideration, marketing of adulterate and poor quality merchandise, dishonest the customers by giving false advertisement etc. so so as to avoid wasting himself from being cheated, it’s necessary for a client to remember of the bound rights and awareness programmes. during this means, client awareness means that making awareness of a client towards his rights and duties.


Need and importance of client awareness

It has been determined fairly often that a client doesn’t get right merchandise and services. he’s charged a really high worth or adulterate or inferiority merchandise area unit sold-out to him . thus it’s necessary to create him aware of the merchandise .

Following facts classify the necessity of constructing customers aware:

  1. To attain the utmost satisfaction : The financial gain of associate degree individual is proscribed. He desires to shop for most merchandise and services together with his financial gain. He gets full satisfaction solely by this restricted adjustment. thus it’s necessary that he ought to get the products that area unit measured fitly and he mustn’t be cheated in any means. For this he ought to be created aware.

  2. Protection against the exploitation : Producers and sellers exploit the customers in some ways as underweighting, taking a lot of worth than the market value, marketing duplicate goods etc. huge corporations through their advertizement additionally mislead the customers. client awareness shields them from the exploitation by producers and sellers.

3.Control over the consumption of damageful merchandise : There area unit many such goods accessible in market that cause harm to some customers. for instance we will take merchandise like butt, tobacco, liquor etc. the buyer education and awareness encourage folks to not purchase such merchandise that area unit terribly harmful for them.

  1. Motivation for saving : the attention controls folks from wastage of cash and inordinateness and encourage them to require right call. Such customers aren’t attracted by sale, concession, free gifts, enticing packing etc thanks to which individuals will use their financial gain in a very right means and may economize.

  2. Data concerning resolution of all the problems : The customers area unit cheated thanks to illiteracy, innocence and lack of data. thus it becomes necessary that the knowledge concerning their rights ought to be provided to them in order that they can not be cheated by producers and sellers. Through client awareness they’re additionally created well-known to the proceedings of laws in order that they will solve their issues.

  3. Construction of healthy society : each member of the society could be a client. So, if the buyer is aware and principle, then complete society becomes healthy and alert towards their rights.

Rights of customers

Consumers have the proper to shop for sensible commodities and services from the market. The protection of law has been provided to him in order that producer or merchandiser cannot cheat him . typically a client has the subsequent rights:

  1. Right to safety : this is often essential for producers that they must adapt the principles associated with the protection of customers. the explanation is that if the producers don’t adapt safety rules then the buyer could got to bear an enormous risk.

  2. Right to Choose : A client has the proper to pick any merchandise or services once he buys . client will selection from|select from} their choice.

  3. Right to be informed : {when we tend to|once we|after we} purchase any product we see that some special info area unit written on the packet. like – batch variety of the artifact, producing date, termination date, address of producing company of the great etc.

  4. Right to information : within the year 2005, the govt. of India has created law called right to info. the proper to info law provides the proper to urge the knowledge concerning all the activities of the govt. departments. The customers even have right to urge the customers education. 5. Right to Redressal : The customers have right to redressal against the not possible dialogue and exploitation.

                                                       -Nehal Sharma

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