C ++ Language QUIZ 03

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C++ Language Quiz 03

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1. What is deep copy?


2. Which of the following is the most general exception handler that catches exception of ?any type??


3. Under which of the following circumstances, synchronization takes place?


4. The statement i++; is equivalent to


5. Statement scanf(?%d?,80);


6. Inline functions are invoked at the time of


7. Which of the following below is /are a valid iterator type?


8. STL is based on which of the following programming paradigms?


9. Which of the following is the most general exception handler that catches exception of any type?


10. If a member needs to have unique value for all the objects of that same class, declare the member as


11. If there is more than one statement in the block of a for loop, which of the following must be placed at the beginning and the ending of the loop block?


12. When class B is inherited from class A, what is the order in which the constructers of those classes are called


13. How do we define a constructor?


14. Which of the following functions below can be used Allocate space for array in memory?


15. Which of the following below can perform conversions between pointers to related classes?


16. Vtables


17. Which of the following library function below by default aborts the program?


18. In a group of nested loops, which loop is executed the most number of times?


19. What is the Difference between struct and class in terms of Access Modifier?


20. STL is based on which of the following programmingparadigms?


21. Value of ix+j, if i,j are integer type and ix long type would be


22. What is shallow copy?


23. Which of the following members do get inherited but become private members in child class


24. In C language, a hexadecimal number is represented by writing


25. What defines a general set of operations that will be applied to various types of data?


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