C ++ Language QUIZ 01

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C++ Language Quiz 01

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1. Which of the following is true about const member functions?


2. Which one of the following is not a fundamental data type in C++


3. Which classes allow primitive types to be accessed as objects?


4. Which of the STL containers store the elements contiguously (in adjacent memory locations)?


5. Which of the following is not true about preprocessor directives


6. Each pass through a loop is called a/an


7. Which of the following is not a component of file system


8. Which of the following keyword supports dynamic method resolution?


9. Which of the following is not recommended in a header file?


10. If the class name is X, what is the type of its ?this? pointer (in a nonstatic, non-const member function)?


11. What?s wrong? for (int k = 2, k <=12, k++)


12. A continue statement causes execution to skip to


13. When is std::bad_alloc exception thrown?


14. What is the difference between overloaded functions and overridden functions?


15. Which one of the following is not a valid reserved keyword in C++


16. Which of the following is not a standard exception built in C++.


17. If class A is friend of class B and if class B is friend of class C, which of the following is true?


18. Which of the following correctly describes C++ language?


19. . What does STL stand for?


20. Which of the following relationship is known as inheritancerelationship?


21. What?s wrong? while( (i < 10) && (i > 24))


22. A direct access file is:


23. Which of the following is the most preferred way of throwing and handling exceptions?


24. What?s wrong? (x = 4 && y = 5) ? (a = 5) ; (b = 6);


25. Which of the following is a valid destructor of the class name ?Country?


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