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Autocad Exam 05

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1. In the image shown here, extension line of linear dimension is indicated by which color

Lesson 5 Question 3 Image


2. In order to align multileader of drawing A to the configuration of drawing B Which command can be used ?

Lesson 5 Question 5 Image


3. What is the command for starting table in AutoCAD ?


4. What is the name of dimension type shown in this images ?

Lesson 5 Question 6 Image


5. Symbol tool can be found on which panel of MLINE text editor ?


6. Which command among the following cannot be used for editing MTEXT ?


7. What is the type of dimensioning used in the drawing shown in the image?

Lesson 5 Question 2 Image


8. Which one is not a command for single line text ?


9. What is the command for starting multileader tool ?


10. What is the command for starting text style dialogue box ?


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