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Advanced Microsoft Excel

Microsoft  Basic Excel

Introduction of ms excel
Auto Fill
Insert row and column
Change row height and column
Delete row and column
Hide and unhide row and column
Merge and center
Wrap text
Sheet option
Arrange window
Use cut, copy and paste
How to use Format painter
Excel font: changing font, font style, bold,italic, and underline
Text Alignment
How to use Undo and Redo option
Custom sort part 1
Spelling and Grammar
Protect cell
Protect sheet
Advance printing method
How to insert Water mark
Remove page break
Grouping Column
Bullet marks
Custom sort part 2
Header and Footer
Chart part 1
Chart part 2
Password protection
Advance page setup
Lock cell
Text Rotation
Number block
Auto sum
Blank formula
Change Case
Freeze panes
Quick Access
Change currency
Average Formula
Fact Formula
And formula
or formula
Min and Max
Even or odd
Mini Toolbar
Select Blank cell
Find and replace
How to create Border
Convert Excel file to pdf

Microsoft Advanced Excel

Absolute cell reference
Char Function
Clear Function
Code Function
Dollar Function
Left & Right Function
Right Function
Mid Function
Replace Function
Rept Function
Search Function
Trim Function
ABS Function
INT Function
Roman Function
Round, Round up or Round down
PMT Function
PV Function
Rate Function
NPER Function
Future value Function
Due and Advanced Amount
Scenario Manager
Data Table
Remove if Zero
Pivot Table
Sub Total

Attendance Sheet
Insert New tab
Paste Special
Age calculator
Text to cloumn
Format as table
Fill Blank cell in excel
Count if
Pass or fail formula
Goal seek
Excel Error
Find Formula
Rand and Randbetween
Mix cell reference
Nested if
Cube Root
Istext and isnontext
Comma Style
Sumif Formula

Industrial Excel

MIS Report
Indirect Function
Index with Match
Create New Template
Forecast Formula
Simple Interest
Pivot Chart
Index Function
Data Validation
Dget Formula
E Date
Lookup Formula
Small Formula
Consolidate Multiple Sheet
How to use even or odd with if formula
Is even or is odd formula
DB Formula (Depriciation)
Frequency Formula
Large formula
Formula Auditing
GCD Formula
LCM Formula
Calculation Option
Conditional Formatting
Conditional formatting (part 2)
Conditional formatting (part 3)
Dmax and Dmin
Average if
Floor & Celling
If Error
How to convert number to word
How to split name or surname
Full screen
Best triks in excel form subtotal
Excel Master Tricks
Excel Magic Tricks
Important setting part 1
Important setting part 2
Important setting part 3
How to create Bill Format
Create Salary Slip

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