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Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard image editing software, and is used worldwide by photographers and graphic designers to perfect their digital images. If you work in the graphics field, learning Adobe Photoshop is a prerequisite. Adobe Photoshop lets you enhance, retouch, and manipulate photographs and other images. Photoshop allows you to transform your images to the workings of your imagination and showcase them for the world to see. If you are a photographer, graphic, or web designer, learning how to use Adobe Photoshop is a must!

– Image Editing
– Photo Mixing
– Multiple Photos Programme
– Boarder Creation
– Marriage Photos
– Karizma Album
– Tools, Special Effects, Cards
– Short Commands
(To do Work Smartly)
– Jewellery Effects, Pagadi, Shuits etc.
– Black & White Photo to Color Photo
– Modeling Photo
– Digital Ball
– Clouds Effects
– Rainbow
– Realistic Water Reflection Fire
– Sparkle Trail
– Realistic Water Drop
– Light Through Blinds,
– Hair Color
– Water Reflection etc.

-Introduction To Adobe Photoshop
-Resizing & Cropping Images
-Masking & Clipping
-Working With Basic Selections
-Getting Started With Layers
-Painting In Photoshop
-Photo Retouching
-Introduction To Color Correction
-Using Quick Mask Mode
-Working With The Pen Tool
-Creating Special Effects
-Exporting Your Work

About Photoshop Course

Do you want to learn how to use the world’s most popular graphics and photo editing software with ease? Anil Computer is one of the Best Photoshop institutes in Udaipur which offers highly advanced and Professional Adobe Photoshop Training in Jaipur.

We are not giving just the basics training for Photoshop rather we make our students work on various projects which give them hands on experience on photo retouching, image editing, text effects, cut-outs, patterns, background designing, image manipulations, and layouting. Photoshop offers you many opportunities to make your images look great and eye-catchy as it is the only image editing application that is used to manipulate and enhance your digital photographs and images.

Who can Join Adobe Photoshop Course ?

  • Absolutely no experience is required. The course shows you exactly how to work with Photoshop and become an expert!
  • Anybody who have interest in image editing, collage making, image manipulation and making various effects.

Projects in Adobe Photoshop

Retouching, Color Balancing, Brush Effect, Filter Effect, Compositing, Matte Painting, Digital Painting, Image Manipulation, Special Effects, Text Effects, Wallpapers, Posters, Boards, Banners, Covers, Ads, Photo Montage, etc.