3DS Max QUIZ 03

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3DS Max Quiz 03

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1. What is the Hot key for Edge in Editable poly ?


2. area of the user interface where the objects are displayed is called


3. Which company produced ?3ds Max? software?


4. Which is use to outpur the Image or scene with camera Light or Shadows or modifiers and Materials applied to it?


5. Which provides quick access to tools a dialog boxes for many of the most common tasks in 3DS Max.


6. the key board shortcut to transform type in dialogue is??.?


7. The Command is used for Environment ?


8. Which is the name of the video standard use in North America, Most of Central and south America, and Japan. The frame rate is 30frames Per Second.


9. The Short Key Used For “Meterial Editor”?


10. Which records the beginning and of each transformation of an object or element in the scene?


11. Which is a straight or curved line that connects two vertices in a mesh object or spline.


12. In which Year ” 3ds Max ” Released?


13. This is the number of frames displayed for every second of real time?


14. The keyboard shortcut to move an object is ______________


15. Which is the color that an object reflects when Illuminated by “Good Lighting”. Also referred to as is its natural color.


16. How can we on/off toggle the viewport grid?


17. Which opens alignment dialogue box for positioning objects, allows objects, allows objects to be aligned by their normals, determines the location of highlights, and aligns objects to a camera or view?


18. Which 3D navigation tool that also allows you to switches between standard and isometric views?


19. The Short Key Used For ” Render Setup” ?


20. To Quickly assign primitively shaped taxture coordinates to objects you can use a  Modifier?


21. You can animate a scene without selectiong “Auto key”?


22. To remove a selected edge with vertexes, use the keyboard shortcut_______________


23. Which is the Portion of a spline between two vertices.


24. What is the short key of Loop ?


25. Which creates a mirrored copy of the selected object?


26. Which display animation keys and frame numbers, can be? scrubbed? to quickly view the results of the animation created


27. The shortcut key used for “Polygon Count”?


28. To quickly close holes in a geometric object you can use the ______ modifier.Flip Side


29. What is the Hot key for Polygon in Editable poly ?


30. Which toolbar is the array option found?


31. To flip the renderable side of a surface of a geometry object, you can use the ______ modifier.


32. What is the short key of Ring ?


33. Which used to describe the placement and transformation of maps?


34. To Create a Highly customizable photo- realistic material for use with the mental ray renderer you can use a/an————?


35. To make a flat geometry object double- sided you can use the ________________ modifier?


36. Two  dimensional arrays of lines similar to Graph paper is called—


37. The number of photons automatically assigned to each light depends on_____________


38. Which opens the render setup dialogue box for setting rendering options.


39. What is the fucntion of “SHELL” Command?


40. Command “Q” is used for?


41. A Wireframe box that encloses the extents of an object is called


42. Command “R” is used for?


43. The shortcut Key ” Ctrl + V” is used for command?


44. To project an image through a light define a______________


45. you can expand the current sub object element selection equally in all directions is an editable poly using —— .


46. “Lock Selection” Is done By?


47. Which Lists and allows you to select a set of named objects?


48. The Short Key “N” is Used For ?


49. A collection of vertices and connecting Segments that from a line or curve is called?.?


50. Which Opens the meterial Editor Window?


51. What is use of “Lath” Command?


52. To quickly close holes in a geometric object you can use the ________ modifier.


53. What is called when two dimensional view of an object as seen froom the top bottom front back left or right?


54. Which Open the Layer Manager Interface here you can work with layers.


55. To quickly create some rough stones you can apply a modifier to a geometry primitive?


56. Which comprises six user-interface panels that give you access to most of the modeling features, display choices and miscellaneous utilities.


57. What is the Hot key for Element in Editable poly ?


58. Which is used to design Materials and Maps?


59. To Display a texture Assigned to an object in the viewport activate?


60. 3D’s max is a full name ?


61. What is the Default file extension in 3ds max


62. The Short key Used For ” Isolate Selection”?


63. The command Ctrl + Backspace is used for?


64. Which Specifies the placement orientation and scale of a map on the Geometry?


65. You can contract the current sub object element selection equally in all direction in an editable poly using————–.


66. Command “E” is used for?


67. What must you do to generate your final images/ Animation?


68. The mentel ray equivalent of grandiosity is ___________________


69. Which is a single point in a graphic Image


70. What is the Hot key for border in Editable poly ?


71. Ctrl + X is use for?


72. By pressing you can quickly focus your active viewport to the selected objects?


73. To get a physicallly based simulation of the propagation of light through an environment you use a light source?


74. The Command is used for Copy?


75. The Short Key Used For “Render”?


76. To Quickly Select all objects in the scene you can use the keyboard shortcut?.?


77. Which viewport display setting that lets you view objects in given viewport as a wire Mesh.


78. What is the Hot key for vertex in Editable poly ?


79. The 3 Worldspace axes in 3ds Max are


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